New York City Schools Air Conditioning Systems and Electrical Power Uprgrades for the following Schools in Queens, NY

P.S. 48, Queens 155-02 8th Avenue
P.S. 752, Queens 142-10 Linden BLVD
P.S. 50, Queens 143-26 101st Avenue
P.S. 157, Queens 64th Avenue & 102ND Street
P.S. 54, Queens 86-02 127th Street
P.S. 160, Queens 109-59 Inwood Street
P.S. 55, Queens 131-10 97th Avenue
P.S. 174, Queens 65-10 Dieterle Crescent
J.H.S. 72, Queens 133-25 Guy R. Brewer BLVD.
P.S. 175, Queens 64-35 102nd Street
P.S. 80, Queens 171-05 137th Avenue
J.H.S. 190, Queens 68-17 Austin Street
P.S. 86, Queens 87-41 Parsons BLVD.
P.S. 196, Queens 71-25 113th Street
P.S. 101, Queens 2 Russell Place
P.S. 217, Queens 85-05 144th Street
P.S. 121, Queens 126-10 109th Avenue
P.S. 182, Queens 90-36 150th Street
P.S. 140, Queens 116th Avenue & 166th Street

Air Conditioning Systems and Electrical Power Uprgrades for the following Schools in Brooklyn, NY

P.S. 45, Brooklyn 84 Schaeffer Street
P.S. 86, Brooklyn 220 Irving Avenue
P.S. 106, Brooklyn 1314 Putnam Avenue
P.S. 145, Brooklyn 100 Noll Street
P.S. 274, Brooklyn 800 Bushwick Avenue
P.S. 291, Brooklyn 231 Palmetto Street
P.S. 299, Brooklyn 88 Woodbine Street
P.S. 384, Brooklyn 242 Cooper Street

Junior High School Q-93 Annex Modernization Project
Ridgewood, Queens, New York

Owner: Board of Education of the City of New York
Architect: William A. Hall Partnership

F.H. LaGuardia High School, New York City, NY
Surveys, studies and Reports

Client/Owner: Board of Education of the City of New York

Bobover Yeshiva, Brooklyn, NY

Client/Owner: Locker Bnos Zion School

Locker Bnos Zion School For Girls, Brooklyn, New York

Client/Owner: Locker Bnos Zion School

Yeshiva Beth Yitzochok D'Spinka School

Client/Owner: Yeshiva Beth Yitzchok D'Spinka

Chasidei Belz Beth Malka SchoolS For Girls

Client/Owner: Chasidei Belz Beth Malka

Public School PS-130 Addition and Modernization
New York, New York

Owner: Board of Education of the City of New York
Architect: Shiffer, Litchfield Associates, Architects, PC

Chapin School, Addition and Alteration
New York, N.Y.

Owner: Chapin School
Architects: Butrick, White and Burtis

Columbia Grammar School
New York, N.Y.

Owner: Columbia Grammar School
Architects: Pasanella & Klein

Junior High School #43
509 West 129th Street

Public School #28
475 West 155th Street

Public School #153
1750 Amsterdam Avenue

Intermediate School #201
2005 Madison Avenue

Junior High School #52
650 Academy Street

Junior High School #143
511 West 182nd Street
Public School 752Q/ Career Development @ IS 142Q
142-10 Linden Boulevard, Queens

Junior High School #164
601 West 164th Street

Intermediate School #139
345 Brook Avenue, Bronx

Intermediate School #162
575 Eagle Avenue, Bronx

Public School #7
169 East 120th Street

Public School #57
176 East 115th Street

Junior High School #13
1573 Madison Avenue

Junior High School #45
2355 First Avenue

Louis Brandeis High School
145 West 84th Street

Intermediate School #148X

Public School #46
2987 Eighth Avenue

Public School #194
244 West 144th Street

Junior High School #25
145 stanton Street

Junior High School #56
220 Henry Street

Junior High School #60
420 East 12th Street

Washington Irving High School
40 Irving Place

Seward High School
336-352 Grand Street

Junior High School #117M


Mabel D. Bacon High School
129 East 22nd Street

Public School #33
281 9th Avenue

Public School #40
320 East 20th Street

Public School #41
116 West 11th Street

High School OF ART & Design
1075 2nd Avenue

Charles H. Hughes High School
351 West 18th Street

Public School #39R                                                                                71 Sand Lane, staten Island, NY 10305


Fashion Industry
225 West 24th Street

Julia Richman High School
1278 Second Avenue

Norman Thomas
111 East 33rd Street (3 Park Avenue)

New York School of Printing
439 West 49th Street

Park West High School
525 West 50th Street

Public School #180
457-479 Manhattan Avenue (370 W. 120th st.)

Public School #144
134 West 122nd Street

Junior High School #118
154 West 93rd Street

Public School #72
131 East 104th Street

Junior High School #99
410 East 100th Street

Public School #91Q                                                                               68-10 Central Avenue, Glendale, NY 11385

Public School #197
2230 Fifth Avenue

Public School #128
560 West 169th Street

Lousi Brandeis Annex
145 West 84th Street

Junior High School #141
37-11 21st Avenue, Long Island City

Junior High School #168
158-40 76th Road, Flushing

Long Island City High School
28-01 41st Avenue, Long Island City

Public School #33X
2392 Jerome Avenue, Bronx

Public School #35X
261 East 163rd Street, Bronx

Public School 146M
421 East 106th Street, New York

Junior High School #219X
3630 third Avenue, New York

Public School #180M
370 W 120th Street, New York

Bread and Roses High School
6 Edgecombe Avenue Manhattan

Public School #166M                                                                           132 West 89th Street, New York, NY

Public School #24Q

Public School #71Q
65-82 Forest Avenue Queens, NY

Public School #137M
293 East Broadway, Manhattan

Public School #138Q
251-11 Weller Avenue, Queens

Public School 142M
100 Attorney Street, New York

Public School 154M
250 West 127th Street, New York

St. David's School

Client: Baby Cottons c/o St. Davidís School
Architect: Barry Rice Architects, PLLC

United Nation School

Architect: Bone/Levine Architects