Representative Projects

Auditoria, Movie theaters, and Free Standing Theaters

Apartment Buildings

Private Residences, Brownstones and Townhouses

Brownstones, Apartments and Residences Conversions,
Upgrading, Rehabilitation, Modernization

Churches, Landmarks and 19th Century Buildings Upgrades and Modernization of Mechanical and Electrical Systems

Colleges and Universities

Courthouses, Jails and Police Buildings


Governmental, Institutional and Private Projects

Hospitals, Healthcare Facilities and Research Laboratories


Housing Projects

Major Fuel Oil Pumping and storage Installations

Museums, Libraries, Office Buildings and Other Institutional Buildings


Post Offices

Power Generating Plants


Retail stores

Shopping Centers, Department stores and Retail stores

Surveys, Studies and Reports for Existing Boiler Plants and the Design of Replacement Boiler Plants

Surveys and Reports